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Tucson Fall: Starry Skies and Apple Pies

It's autumn: That wonderful time of cool weather, hayrides, and pumpkin spice everything. Living in Tucson though, sweater weather doesn't really come at the same time as pumpkin spice.  In our apartment, we've been ready (and rather desperate) for fall since the start of the school year.  None of us are desert natives, but in… Continue reading Tucson Fall: Starry Skies and Apple Pies

Europe, France

Arles and Les Baux-de-Provence

Yesterday I took a day trip to Arles and Les Baux-de-Provence.  Arles was one of the first Roman cities in France and still hosts a theatre and amphitheater.  Both have undergone some restoration, but they're also still used today - the theatre for plays and the amphitheater for bull fights twice a year.  It's a… Continue reading Arles and Les Baux-de-Provence

Europe, Italy

La Vita Bella

I was only in Florence for a day but it’s easily one of my favorite places in Italy if not the world - that I’ve been to at least. After spending Wednesday in Tarquinia, a little town on the coast, it was fun to go back to a bigger city. Tarquinia is known for its… Continue reading La Vita Bella

Europe, Italy

Villas and Vias

Reading about Rome and Italy in a book is one thing, but it’s quite another to turn a corner and see the Colosseum. My second week in Italy has been absolutely amazing. Wednesday was a day trip to Tivoli, a small hill town home to two of Italy’s most amazing villas. The older one is… Continue reading Villas and Vias



As mentioned before, spring in Tucson is really nice.  And lucky for me, I got to experience everything in bloom at the Botanical Gardens last weekend!  Since I've started volunteering with the Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus program, this was my first outing.  It was pretty laid back since this was in conjunction with Big… Continue reading Easter!