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Bienvenue! Week One in Aix

Well,  here I am!   I've  just finished my first full  week in Aix-en-Provence,  France (Aix pronounced  X).   I arrived here last Thursday afternoon and met my roommate for the semester as I was shown to my apartment - a small but chic place on the main street with a loft bedroom overlooking the main floor.… Continue reading Bienvenue! Week One in Aix

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Top Five – Italy

Well, I'm  home now.  I'm mostly over the jet  lag, but still not quite there yet, so this  will just be a short little post with some pictures from my last week and my top five places in Italy.  So, without further ado - here's a quick look back at the week! My Top 5… Continue reading Top Five – Italy

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Daily Life in Orvieto

Now that I've been in Orvieto for about three and a half weeks, I have a fairly solid routine.  Since I actually covered the whole weekend in my Sunday post, I thought I'd use this one to give a little information on my day-to-day schedule.   I'm a pretty structured person.  I like my days… Continue reading Daily Life in Orvieto