Chile, Lessons Learned

What I Learned on Easter Island

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is the most remote inhabited place on Earth.  Spending three weeks there helping with research was not something I really planned or even imagined doing, but that's what I did this summer!  I applied to this program through my university just on the off chance that if I were to… Continue reading What I Learned on Easter Island

Europe, Italy

Villas and Vias

Reading about Rome and Italy in a book is one thing, but it’s quite another to turn a corner and see the Colosseum. My second week in Italy has been absolutely amazing. Wednesday was a day trip to Tivoli, a small hill town home to two of Italy’s most amazing villas. The older one is… Continue reading Villas and Vias

Europe, Italy

Back in Time

One hundred years in Europe is a much shorter time than in the United States.  It's been said a lot probably by anyone who's ever been to Europe that there's just so much history, but it really is true.  And what hit me this weekend with my trip to the south of Italy was the… Continue reading Back in Time