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Saguaro National Park

What do you imagine when you think of "the desert"?  I'm guessing it's a cactus, but not just any cactus - a saguaro (pronounced sah-waar-o).  These are the cacti that have the arms and that coincidentally, are native only to the Sonoran Desert.  That's right, the first cactus that you think of doesn't even grow… Continue reading Saguaro National Park

Around the US, National Parks

How to Spend a Weekend at Chiricahua

Like last year, I did another Parks in Focus trip to Chiricahua National Monument last weekend.  This isn't the most famous landmark in Arizona by a long shot, and it's definitely out of the way, but it's honestly phenomenal, especially as a weekend trip from Tucson.  Not only do you really get away from the city,… Continue reading How to Spend a Weekend at Chiricahua

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Tucson Botanical Gardens

Hello to everyone reading this!  For those of you who have read my blog for a while, things probably look a bit different.  That's because I'm shifting focus and making this a bit more of a traditional travel blog.  Previously, I've mostly been summarizing what I do and sharing pictures, but I realized that I… Continue reading Tucson Botanical Gardens

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The Midnight Train Back to School

Last Thursday, I arrived at the Pittsburgh train station at about 10:30 p.m., and at a few minutes past midnight, my train left the station.  I had the excited feeling I always get on trains when they start that light rocking that means you're on your way.  Although I had a sleeper cabin and knew… Continue reading The Midnight Train Back to School

Around the US, College

Pasó Por Aquí

Pasó por aquí means "passed by here" in Spanish, and it sums up the trip West my family made to move me out to Arizona.

Around the US, College

The World is a Book

As Arabic finishes, it's time for a road trip to move all my stuff across the country - Hello Rt. 66!

Around the US, College

The Secret to Getting Ahead

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." That's what Mark Twain said once, and I'm taking my love of Mark Twain and putting that quote into action by taking some college classes the summer before freshman year.