About Me

Hello everyone!

I’m a student at the University of Arizona who loves languages, literature, and traveling.  Currently, I am majoring in Global Studies, French, and Arabic, with a minor in Art History.  I’m originally from West Virginia, but I love being here in Tucson and being able to visit a lot of amazing places!

Within the US, I love the National Parks, and I really think everyone should visit as many as possible.  Here in Tucson, I work with the Parks in Focus program, which is funded by the Udall Foundation.  Our goal is connecting youth to nature through photography, and I get to do a lot of cool things with them.

Finally, I also really like writing, and writing about places I go, my thoughts on them, and how other people can visit them is a lot of fun!   So I hope you enjoy the blog and keep adventuring!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam Woods says:

    Que tengas un viaje maravilloso! Buena suerte y vaya con Dios…


    1. kendyl112 says:

      Muchas gracias!


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