A week in West Virginia

I had a great time a few weeks ago showing one of my friends around my home state, so  I decided to post my ideas of how to see the most of the state in the week.  Obviously, there will be a lot not included, but here are my picks for some highlights.

Power Park

First up is just spending a couple days around the Charleston area.  Taylor Books and Kinship Goods are my personal favorite stores that I insist on visiting with or without guests, but there’s a lot going on.  The Clay Center is a  great museum for kids, but it  also offers an art gallery and various musical performances for adults.  The State Museum is of course great for anyone interested in history, whether from West Virginia or not.  Depending on the time of year, there may also be a chance for Live on the Levee or FestivAll, and a Power game is a must for any baseball fan!  And if you’re in Charleston, you’re also close to Kanawha State Forest, or you can just take a drive in search of the town Big Ugly.   Finally, the Capitol Market is a fun place to walk through to see and buy local produce, chocolates, and souvenirs.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 4.41.34 PM
New River Gorge Bridge

From Charleston, it’s easy to take one of my favorite day trips along Route 60 to visit Hawks Nest, the New River Gorge, and Babcock State Park.  You see a lot of awesome parks and views on this trip, and if  you have to chose between this and anything else,  I  recommend this.  If you’re just going to the New River Gorge, you can also take the interstate, but in my opinion, it’s not nearly as fun.  My post on this, linked above, has more details of what to do.

Dolly Sods Wilderness

Also worth a visit is Monongahela National Forest which is something that is best done over a couple days.  As I explain in the post on this, there are so many things to do up here.  It’s a great way to get away from the fast-paced world, especially since cell service doesn’t exist in most of the area.  Top places to go?  Green Back Observatory, Blackwater Falls, and Dolly Sods Wilderness.  Dolly Sods is also just fun to drive or walk through without a schedule, though if you have one, you can just go up to Bear Rocks and back.

Even though it’s a smaller state, West Virginia has a lot to offer, and I love sharing even just a few tips like these on my favorite places.  As a final note, my internet connection may be non-existent for a few weeks, so while I hope to continue posting, I may also be on hiatus for a bit.

Bonus Tip: If  you have an extra day, head up to Point Pleasant to see Mothman!

Keep Adventuring!

The man, the moth, the legend

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