Top Five – Italy

Well, I’m  home now.  I’m mostly over the jet  lag, but still not quite there yet, so this  will just be a short little post with some pictures from my last week and my top five places in Italy.  So, without further ado – here’s a quick look back at the week!

My Top 5 Places in Italy

  1. Pompeii: There’s nothing like it.  You can walk through the streets and imagine that nothing has changed.  Easily my favorite place
  2. Florence:  I didn’t get to spend as much time here as I wanted, but it was incredible.  I love that it doesn’t feel like a big city and that there’s so much art just out there.  For me, there’s nothing like walking down the road and realizing, “Oh, hey, that statue was made by Giambologna, and it’s just hanging out there.”
  3. Vernazza: My favorite of the towns in 5terre.  It’s touristy, but it doesn’t really feel that way – it’s very peaceful.  You can just get a gelato and sit by the water for hours without a care in the world – especially because the wifi is terrible.
  4. The Roman Forum: It’s so cool to be in the center of Rome and look over this huge area that is just ruins, but gives you an idea of how big this place was even in ancient times.  I’m a history lover, so like with Pompeii, it’s great for me to walk through a place and be able to imagine I’m in a different time.
  5. Orvieto Duomo: Every city in Italy has its cathedral, and they’re all impressive, but I have a bias towards this one.  I love the architecture and the frescoes inside, but I also love the stray cats in the park outside.  It’s a beautiful, peaceful place that I’m so thankful I got to experience.

Until next time ~


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