An Amazing October (so far)

The last two weeks have been packed with a lot of fun stuff from poetry night to the Haunted Dungeon.  On poetry night, everyone in the dorm was invited to come down to the lobby where people shared poems they like and ate a lot of nice snacks.  I had a lot of fun and even read a couple (“Song” by Christina Rosseti and “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” by Walt Whitman).  We also had game night in our hall, and we played a few rounds of Spoons then about an hour of Catchphrase.  I’d never played either game, so I had a lot of fun learning.

This week, I registered for my classes next semester  and started my 7-week class on the Honors Common Reading book Just Mercy.  I also attended an alcohol awareness event in the dorm where we not only learned about alcohol, we also got free rootbeer floats and played MarioKart while wearing drunk goggles.  Then, of course, this Saturday was the Haunted Dungeon that has been in the works since August.  My roommate and I started helping with set-up at 9 am, had an hour lunch break at 1 pm, and finished our set up around 3:30.  We took a break nap after that until 6 pm when we got dinner and came back to do a final walk-through before the event started at 8.  It was a lot of fun being behind the scenes and able to scare people.  The whole thing looked incredible and went off almost without a hitch!  It was around midnight when we got back to the dorm since we had to take everything down, but it was worth it after a fun night, and I stayed in today to finish doing this weekend’s homework.

I also read some great books this past week, notably Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and Watchlist, a short story collection edited by Bryan Hurt.  I also made my way to the library today to pick up some Ray Bradbury and F. Scott Fitzgerald, which will get me through my Arabic and Spanish tests this week.  And finally, a shout out to my aunt Nancy and FUMC for the awesome care packages this week!  I’m definitely set on snacks for awhile!

Until next time ~

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