Penultimate Summer Post

It’s hard to believe that this will be my last week at Université Laval as well as my last week before school starts.  Basically, I’m trading one school for another, but I’m still looking forward to senior year.  This week’s post will probably be brief again, sorry, but I am once again busy this evening.

Rafting was last Sunday, and it was rafting, which means it was really fun.  We spent about three hours on the Jacques-Cartier River, which was honestly a little disappointing compared to the New River.  However, there was one adventure when, during a Class V rapid, there was a small waterfall we were supposed to and did not avoid.  We were pretty terrified in the moment, but afterwards it was fun to laugh about.  That evening we also made the camp video, which is not yet on YouTube, but I’ll post a link when it is.

Monday evening was the talent show put on by the students in the camp.  It was a great display of the musical talents in the group, and it was so much fun to listen and laugh with the friends I’ve made here.  Tuesday, I had my last cinema workshop, and we went to the actual cinema to watch a movie.  It turned out the moderator had picked the movie based on the time alone and didn’t know that it was actually an English movie with French subtitles.  Despite that, it was a cute movie, and I left with Guns & Roses stuck in my head. Wednesday evening, I tie-dyed shirts with some friends, but since none of us knew what to do, we mostly just talked.

For some of the people here, Thursday was the last day.  They took their final exam that morning, and we had a Soirée Québecois that night.  It wasn’t my favorite of the dances, but I liked the chance to say good-bye to my friends who were leaving.  Even though I wasn’t really a fan of the band that played, I did dance for once because I was actually feeling comfortable enough to have fun with people, especially since some of them would be gone come morning.

Friday was a pretty relaxing day, and I had my final explore Québec workshop that afternoon.  We went to a new place that I’d never heard of – Cap Rouge.  It’s a calm little inlet on the St. Lawrence in a predominantly residential area of Québec City.  Not only was it a nice place to relax and eat ice cream, I also got to go on the paddle boats there, which were surprisingly cheap.  Yesterday was whale watching, and while I didn’t get any pictures of whales, I saw several and enjoyed spending time on the boat.  Today I visited the Maison de la Literature, which is a library of Québecois literature.  Although the building looks on the outside like an incredibly old place, because it is an ancient building, the inside is all modern.  It was a nice walk around, and I’m enjoying the rest of the afternoon too before the Cinema outing.  I’m looking forward to my last week, and though I’ll be sad to leave, I’ll also be glad to be home.


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