Concerts, Museums, and More

The first two weeks of camp have really seemed to fly by, and it’s hard to believe that July is already halfway over.  Despite how quickly the days are going by, I’ve done so many things this week that it’s hard to know where to begin.

When I last wrote, I mentioned that I was going to a concert that night.  Festival d’Ete is a ten day long party every year in Quebec City.  There are about ten locations scattered through the downtown areas, and different artists perform each night.  It would be impossible to see all of them, but the big stars are at the main Bell stage on the Plains of Abraham every evening.  Last Sunday, I saw Hedley and Coeur de Pirate (one of my favorite French artists who is, it turns out, from Quebec City).  Both concerts were really amazing, and I had a lot of fun.

To start off each academic week, there is a 45 minute meeting on Monday mornings where we learn what will happen in the week and all the things we did the previous week that we weren’t supposed to (e.g. Why are you people leaving your trash on the table?  There are perfectly good trashcans right next to you).  Monday for me was really busy since because of the meeting, the class times were a little different.  Instead of going from 8:30-12 or 9-12:30, the class was instead 9:30-12 and 2-4.  This wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that Selena Gomez was performing at the festival that night, and we planned to leave at 5.  Needless to say, there were delays, and we left around 6:30.  We still managed to get good spots though and saw not only Selena Gomez, but Bahari and Alessia Cara.  Since I like all three artists, I had an awesome time, even if we had to leave early to make curfew.

I was tired Tuesday morning, but not terribly so since my class started half an hour later all this week, and I was able to sleep in some.  (The class times alternate depending on what building a person’s class is in.  With 400 some students, it’s not fun to have everyone eating lunch at the same time.)  That afternoon, I mostly relaxed and only went out to shop with some friends at a thrift store for the dance Thursday.  That evening, the monitors put on a show for us with hilarious skits that turned my sarcastic enthusiasm for the obligatory event into real enthusiasm.  Although all the skits were enjoyable, my three favorites had to be the Grease medley, the Notre Dame de Paris performance, and the medley that I don’t know what to name.  The Grease one is self-explanatory in that the monitors acted out and lip-synced parts of songs from Grease.  Notre Dame de Paris refers to the musical based on the book of the same name (in English, the Hunchback of Notre Dame).  I probably enjoyed this one because I’m reading the book right now, and also because it was one of my favorite songs from the musical – “Belle.”  The other medley was one of the longest skits, but probably the crowd favorite.  With four actors, the monitors performed their own little musical accompanied by popular songs, everything from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” to Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.”  The simple plot involved two couples having every stereotypical problem with their romances.  The entire thing was done with lip-syncing and exaggerated dancing, and it generally hilarious.

Wednesday was like a rest in the middle of the week.  After class, I had my Cinema workshop, but since we were just doing the filming for our project, my group was able to finish early and spend half the class playing Uno.  Next week (or really in a couple days), we will edit the footage and add music.  After that, there was a quick room inspection and bed.  Thursday was again busy since my class took a field trip to Parliament, and I had to leave almost as soon as we returned because I had signed up to see the Musee des Beaux Arts (5/5 stars).  That evening was the Disco Retro.  This was the first of the three dances that will be held here.  Since I’m not really one for dances, it wasn’t the highlight of my week, but I still had fun dressing up and hanging out with my friends.  Towards the end, I even danced a little, but I spent most of the time just watching.  Friday was supposed to be my Explore Quebec workshop, but due to the torrential downpour, we went to the mall where I spend a trend total of $3 on coffee.

Saturday was pretty chill as well after I went through another ordeal trying to do my laundry.  I read some and skyped my family and ate all three meals of the day in the cafeteria (not a good experience).  Finally, that evening, the monitors were showing a movie downstairs, and I was bored enough that I would have watched anything.  I was lucky though and it was a French romantic comedy that I had actually wanted to see – Amélie.  Not only that, they served us free popcorn.  I don’t actually like popcorn, and this particular kind didn’t even have butter, but I also barely ate dinner, so I finished my whole bag within about twenty minutes.

This morning, I had planned to go to church since I haven’t gone for a few weeks, and there are a lot of really cool old churches here.  Unfortunately, Google Maps is highly untrustworthy, and we got a little lost on the way.  We eventually got off the bus just to figure out where we were.  Realizing we had more or less missed the service, we decided to make the best of it and eat lunch at Tim Hortons.  Just to make the trip a little more worthwhile, we also stopped at Starbucks before heading back.  Basically, there were four girls dressed up for church just going to different coffee places.  This afternoon, the plan is to stop by Metro and buy some real food then go have a picnic for dinner.  I’m really having fun being here, and even getting lost (not really lost since the bus eventually circles around).  My French is definitely improving, and I’m making a lot of friends.  It’s really great, so before I go, here are a few pictures from the week.

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