Au Canada

A week ago at this time, I was packing for a five-week stay at Laval University.  Today, everything was unpacked because I am now in Québec City at the afore mentioned university.  Of course, today was just check-in, so there isn’t much to tell except as an introduction to what I will be writing about for the next several weeks.  The story for today though lies in the trip to Québec.

We left early Wednesday morning with more room devoted to luggage than to people (an admittedly common occurrence on family trips).  My only real memories for that day are driving and a certain service area in New York State the name of which I unfortunately do not remember.  Thursday again involved a great deal of driving, but we did cross the border into Canada.  From there, we went to Ottawa, Ontario where I toured the University of Ottawa.  It’s a very nice school, and I liked both the campus and the city.  There’s a good chance that I will go there.

Friday was Canada Day (Fête du Canada), and I think it was my favorite day.  We were staying in Québec province just across the river from Ottawa, so we went to the National Museum of Civilization.  Since it was crowded, we only toured the Aboriginal gallery, but that was extensive and very informative.  If I go to the University of Ottawa, I will definitely return to see the rest of the museum.  Outside, there was a veritable fair going on with everything from lemonade vendors to clowns.

Saturday again involved a great deal of driving, but the countryside was new and bewitching – everything here seems very flat compared to West Virginia.  That evening, we took a quick ferry ride from Lévis (where our hotel was) to Québec City.  We visited a few shops in the old city and saw Chateau Frontenac before returning to Lévis for dinner and bed.

I was very tired when I woke up this morning due to the snoring that went on during the night, but I was also excited, if a little nervous, about Laval University.  And here I am!  My family helped me unpack and register, but left before ten so they could drive back to the States.  Admittedly, I wasn’t quite sure  what to do after that, so I really just stayed in the main area to participate in the Welcome Workshop (a couple ice breaker games) and the Campus Tour.  Thanks to those two, I ended up with a few friends whom I then met with at noon to go to the mall.  Within a kilometer or so from the university dorms, there are three malls that do this strange fade from one to another.

At the mall, we all bought bus tickets for the month and ate lunch.  It was only one o’clock then, so we decided to stay at the mall for a few hours before dinner.  I do not honestly know how many shops we went to, but I had fun getting to know the other people in my group (total there were twelve of us).  In the end, I only bought some soap because in all my packing lists it was the one thing I managed to forget.  So, we ate dinner as a group, and I returned to my dorm to finish unpacking and look over the activities for the month.

I’m not nearly as nervous as I was this morning, mostly because I haven’t had time to think about anything.  I think making friends like this was a good move because it kept me busy and ensured that I will have people to talk to throughout my stay.  Before I end this, here are a few pictures of my adventures so far.

Until next time ~

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